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What is JawTrac® Bite Correction?

Every person has a maximum potential to their facial structures. Their facial profile, the shape of their faces and the amount of stress and tension in the head and neck regions can all be significantly improved with just one treatment. The treatment optimizes each patient to their maximum potential by locating the most comfortable and the most cosmetically pleasing jaw position possible for the patient. Patients with the best jaw position will look younger than just about any of their friends the same age. This is treatment that goes beyond anti-aging dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Welcome to JawTrac®, the painless way to optimizing your health and appearance.

Open bite correction

The patient has less pain and also has a better profile all with jaw position optimization. It is done by only working on the teeth so her bite repositions her lower jaw to a healthy position for the first time in her life.

Patients with overbites have small looking jaws and are being told the only treatment available is jaw surgery and braces. This is no longer true.

Patients with under bites have large looking jaws and are also being told the only treatment to correct an underbite is jaw surgery and braces. This is also no longer true.

Anti-aging dentists and cosmetic dentists are grinding down patient's healthy teeth for porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers. This is no longer necessary and it is bad for the health of your teeth. This is no longer acceptable.

JawTrac® is a proven, highly predictable system for locating and testing a healthy jaw position without jaw surgery. JawTrac® includes testing in advance so the patient can see the jaw size improvement and experience a better facial profile; reverse years of aging and pain relief before any dental work has begun. You cannot test jaw surgery in advance. JawTrac® lets the patient experience the result painlessly, non-invasively and quickly. No jaw surgery, no braces and no grinding down your healthy teeth is necessary with JawTrac®. Overbites, underbites and bad bites are corrected. Premature aging and reversing the effects from years of aging are benefits of JawTrac®.


"I finally have for the first time in my life a bite that is comfortable and a younger face".


Overbite Correction reverses years of aging.

JawTrac® Repositions the Lower Jaw Painlessly

I have been wearing the JawTrac® "jaw position test appliance" while sleeping and I feel better when I wake up, I breathe better, I grind less and have less pain and no headaches. I have been to all kinds of TMJ dentists, acupuncture, chiropractors, neuromuscular dentists and nothing has worked like this".

The Problem with Finding your Healthy Jaw Position

Finding your healthy jaw position has been very unpredictable. There are a variety of methods for opening the vertical dimension for the treatment of bite correction. But, just opening the vertical dimension does not find the most optimal jaw position. Some of these methods involve grinding down your healthy teeth and placing temporary teeth to test. This method is highly invasive, risky and painful. Another method has been using electronic devices that artificially relax muscles, which can leave the patient wondering why it did not work. Then there is the guessing method.

JawTrac® does not just open the vertical dimension. JawTrac® repositions the lower jaw painlessly in order to find the ideal bite position that for the first time coordinates the function of the lower jaw with both TMJ joints. The dentist can see what he or she is doing rather than guessing. Patients can experience pain relief along with huge cosmetic benefits beyond the typical anti-aging dentistry. JawTrac® utilizes non-invasive, no tooth grinding VENLAY® Restorations with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method to produce results that boost the self-confidence of the patient.

JawTrac® is designed to improve the health of the patient by physically establishing the jaw position that the patient should have experienced their entire life.

JawTrac® is true bite correction that helps large chins look smaller without jaw surgery.

JawTrac® allows the patient to see the results to their faces on the very first visit and experience the health benefits with a larger looking chin and jawline.

The Process Works

I have been to acupuncture, chiropractors, cosmetic dentists and TMJ dentists. I have had night guards and bite splints, tens units, and none of it has worked until I experienced JawTrac® and VENLAY® Restorations".

Looking Younger – Feeling Better

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